To enhance the lives of others, through education of movement, to provide a sense of empowerment over the body in a judgement free family environment

Our Values


Education is a powerful self-management tool that many clients do not receive in their treatment of chronic conditions. Our goal is to educate them on all aspects of their rehabilitation needs.

We will educate you

  • how to move properly
  • about your body
  • about your condition
  • on the management of your condition


The rehabilitation journey can be challenging and impact on a client’s sense of control. Our goal is to empower them through movement to regain control of their life

Empowerment through

  • movement
  • education of your condition
  • increased control of your life
  • increased self-awareness

No Egos

We always encourage clients to leave their ego at the door. In rehabilitation, an ego, or wanting to train harder than the body is capable of, can limit a client’s level of improvement, not enhance it.

  • An ego will only limit your capacity for improvement.
  • With the initial phase of rehabilitation there is no benefit in dwelling on the past. Focus on the present, working towards goals you can achieve.
  • You need to learn to listen to your body and not your mind.

Judgement Free

Everybody is treated equally in our practice. Clients feel comfortable with who they are, which allows them to focus on their rehabilitation without feeling self-conscious.

  • Everyone is equal
  • Everyone is respected
  • Everyone is treated as an individual and will be respected that way
  • Individual differences are encouraged


When clients come to our practice, they will be guaranteed to have fun and even a laugh. They are treated like a person, not a condition

  • We love to have fun at work
  • We love it when our clients have fun
  • We are always laughing and making you feel comfortable
  • You will laugh and feel normal


Our business is an extension of our home. Clients feel a sense of belonging and being part of a supportive community when they attend our practice

  • Your health is our concern and we care
  • We want to know your story and be part of the journey
  • Our studio is an extension of our home
  • You will be treated like family (the good kind of family)
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