Have you ever wondered why you slice the ball, why you can’t control that draw and why you don’t have the power you once had. All the golf lessons in the world won’t increase your muscular strength or improve the mobility through your spine and shoulders that are the basis to a great and consistent swing.

The golf swing is a complex mechanism of mobility, stability and strength that requires a connection of muscle to works in unison to complete the perfect connection with the ball. All the golf lessons won’t create the strength and power that you need but performing the correct exercises designed for your needs and your body will give you the best opportunity to shoot the lowest scores your dream about.

The purpose of Golf Specific training is to provide the link between what your golf professional is asking you to do and what your body is capable of doing.

ProActive Rehab and Health’s Exercise Physiologists have a passion and knowledge of the golf swing to develop the exercise program you need to achieve your golfing goals. Whether it is the development of power to achieve the extra yards, improved mobility to perfect your swing or increased stability to achieve better control, we have the program that is specific to your needs.

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This program has been devised to develop the weaknesses in your swing so that you will enjoy the game of golf so much more from hitting the ball sweeter, longer and with greater accuracy to assisting with any injuries or ailments. This comes from the development of your flexibility, stability and strength by individualising your program to rectify your imbalances and insufficiencies. When included with swing changes from your Club Professional this program will change the way you look at the game.

Initial Assessment

All programs start with a physical assessment to understand your specific needs. This involves assessment of your mobility through the upper and lower body, an assessment of your core and pelvic stability and a strength assessment. From this assessment we will be able to develop the program that is specific to your needs.

We will assess your driving distance and accuracy on our simulator and develop a full profile of your golf swing and capabilities.

Program Development

Your program will be developed around your needs and will be built in consideration of your available time to train, the availability of equipment and your desired outcome.

Power Program

The game of golf is progressing to one of power. This power comes from speed and strength, and anyone can achieve this through the correct training techniques. Imagine being able to fly a drive past your friends with ease through the development of your strength and speed with the correct exercises and programming. With the commitment to training this can be achieved in 6 weeks

Mobility Program

If you can’t rotate, you can’t swing. Having the necessary mobility is the key component to being able to achieve the swing you want. The thoracic spine is designed to rotate and due to our lifestyles and ageing it becomes locked and fixed. Our program is designed to mobilise the hips, thoracic spine, and shoulders. Everything you need to improve your rhythm, timing, and enjoyment of the game.

Junior Development Program

Do you want to be the next Cameron Smith, Rory McIroy or Bryson Dechambeau, then the development of your body is your investment. If you start your training and body management program early, then you will have a long and enjoyable career. Your body is your investment and knowledge of your body is power. Our Exercise Physiologists will give you the education and knowledge you will need to ensure you have the body that withstands the rigours of golf.

Golf Rehabilitation Program

Do you have a love and passion for the game of golf, but a body that is letting you down. Get ProActive Rehabilitation and Health’s Exercise Physiologists to develop the rehabilitation program you need to get your body to last a game of golf. This will be achieved through the development of a specific rehabilitation program personalised to your needs. Sometimes it is the easiest exercises that can be completed to return you back to the game you love.

The Benefits of Golf Specific Training:

  • Golf swing development
  • Longer drives and mid iron play
  • Consistent ball striking and accuracy
  • Lower scores and handicap
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation of existing injuries
  • Improved endurance and muscular strength
  • More power and balance for greater shot quality
  • Improved flexibility and range of motion for an improved swing
  • Core stability development for improved power, balance, co-ordination and the management of injuries.
  • Improved body awareness and posture for ensuring a perfect base and set up

If you have any enquiries in relation to this program, please contact our administrative staff on 0249572757 or email us directly with your questions to admin@proactiverehab.com.au.

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