Injuries due to falls cost the NSW health system more than any other cause of injury. Statistics show that a third of all older adults are likely to experience a fall in the next 12 months, with 25% requiring hospitalisation. So why are we not doing more to reduce the risk of falls from occurring in the first place?

Proactive Rehabilitation and Health offers a 12-week Falls Prevention Package that provides clients with comprehensive education and exercise strategies that help to reduce the risk of falls. Using specialised equipment, our highly experienced Exercise Physiologists will identify and address modifiable risk factors that are associated with a higher incidence of falls.

What our Falls Prevention Program looks like:

  • During your initial consultation, one of our Exercise Physiologists will assess your balance, stability, and functional strength. From here, we develop a comprehensive and evidence-based training program that is specific to you. Throughout the program, you will be supervised by our Exercise Physiologists who will tailor each session according to your needs.
  • Your package includes 2 one-hour classes per week for 12 weeks. This ensures the most effective dose of exercise required for long-term sustainable outcomes, and to maintain quality of life and independence.</li

If you have any enquiries in relation to this program, please contact our administrative staff on 02 4957 2757 or email us directly with your questions to

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